When your building has to move from architectural plan to reality, then the specialist in resistance structures, through design and precise calculations, transforms an idea into a secure, standing structure. The most resistent, most efficient, and most economical resistance structures are backed by a structural engineer. Efficiency, reduction of loss of materials, simplification of the execution process - all this is our responsibility. You just have to enjoy a durable and secure building.

Below are the services that we can offer you.


The foundation of a construction process is the design. At this stage, a simulation of the future construction is made, in order to estimate and avoid the future problems that may occur during the construction. The purpose of the design is safety, security and efficiency.


Technical expertise involves the use of specific methods to assess the technical condition of a building. The comparison between the state of the current resistance structure and what is required by the technical regulations in force shows the future steps to be taken to consolidate the building. The technical expertise of a building is a mandatory step when changes are made to the building.

Expertise can be done at the request of the owner, the state control bodies or the local public administration.


Lack of space or simply a space inappropriate to the needs can lead to the impossibility of using a building. A new construction is not always an optimal solution. Rehabilitation and structural consolidation of an existing building may be an option to consider. In order to carry out consolidation work it is necessary to take into account: the usefulness of the construction; construction of the building, materials and way of realization; the location of the construction.


We have the necessary experience and expertise to stand by and guide our clients during a development process. We provide our experience to streamline our customers' time and investment by offering alternative solutions so that each customer can take an informed choice.


The over-dimensioning of a resistance structure has effects such as: high construction costs, long execution time, difficulties in execution. We can optimize a project by reducing its costs by 5-25%.